Cool Ways to Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans This Winter

5 Beyond-Cool Ways to Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans This Winter

    Posted by on November 22, 2013 at 2:25 pm

Let’s be honest here, ladies: Winter can be boring. It’s too cold to go out and do fun things, so oftentimes you end up sitting at home binge-watching stuff on Netflix, and when it comes to your wardrobe: it’s all about puffy coats, heavy boots, and the color black. And before you know it, your entire winter season has become one giant snoozefest.

Luckily, there are a couple ways to combat this. You can follow our genius guide to injecting more color into your winter wardrobe, or you can try a more badass plan of attack: pairing different kinds of tights under ripped jeans. Whether going with a classic pair of opaque black ones under a light wash, or taking a bolder approach by wearing a bright red or fuchsia pair under a darker wash.

Read on for 5 beyond-cool ways to wear tights under ripped jeans this winter!


 Cool Ways to Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans This Winter

Photo via Hanneli

1. Go classic with opaque black.

Here’s one way to wear tights under your ripped jeans that offers more by the way of practicality than overstated style. As Wonderland editor Julia Sarr Jamois illustrates here, wearing a solid black pair under a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans is an understated way to stay warm and look stylish when it’s cold out.

 Cool Ways to Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans This Winter

Photo via Mandy Bain

2. Make an edgier statement with black lace.

This one’s a look that speaks a little more to the rock band groupie aesthetic than to the chic editor-outside-fashion-week one. But that’s okay, and if that’s more your jam, give it a try. We would caution, though, against wearing these kinds of tights under jeans that have massive holes in them; they’re more appropriate for rocking under a modestly-ripped pair.

 Cool Ways to Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans This Winter

Photo via

3. Be playful with leopard print.

Animal prints are pretty major this season, but since everyone is wearing them in more traditional ways–a boot, a bag, a coat–this is one way to sneak in the pattern more creatively. You’ll stand out of the crowd—in a good way.

 Cool Ways to Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans This Winter

Photo via Style Zen

4. Show your ladylike side with sheer black tights.

We love this look. By definition, you’re being a bit edgy by wearing ripped jeans in the first place, but throwing on a pair of sheer, dark tights underneath adds an element of ladylike-ness that the other iterations of this look don’t offer.

 Cool Ways to Wear Tights Under Ripped Jeans This WinterPhoto via Chictopia

6. Rock a bold color.

And finally, there’s the most bold of our choices: rock a color. We love how the fuchsia of this gal’s tights picks up the pastel pinks and offsets the greens in her blouse. If pink’s not your thing, try any bright color: green, yellow, orange. If it picks up or complements other tones in your outfit, even better!

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Purple Tie Attire – –

White-tie and black-tie affairs have recognizable rules governing the dress code. “Purple-tie affairs are not as common as the more established black-tie affair, but are popular among non-profits and/or fundraiser organizations looking for a function with a theme,” said image consultant and men’s ware expert Grant Harris. Angela Walker, a budget stylist, explains plainly, “A purple tie dress code is a dress code that requires the guest to dress in purple.” Harris concurs and adds that there are several ways to approach a purple-tie dress code; but note, the rules of a purple-tie affair will vary depending on the host.

Purple-Tie Dress Code Is Determined By the Host

A host can recommend a purple-tie dress code for several reasons. Purple may be a personal preference or a significant color to the club, military organization or non-profit hosting the event. Purple tie lends itself to formal or casual events. The dress code is often clearly stated on the invitation. If you have questions about the dress code, contact the host. When in doubt, Harris recommends you lean toward a more formal attire. He advises, “It’s much easier to remove formal clothing to achieve a casual look than upgrade a casual look to a formal level.”

Standout While Adhering To the Dress Code

In a room full of men wearing a suit, shirt and tie, be memorable by remembering the extra 10 percent. Accessories and accouterments in varying shades of purple will convert a guest from dressed to well dressed. Suits with a breast pocket were made to be filled. Choose a pocket square in a shade of purple or with purple accents to standout. A man can adhere to a purple-tie dress code by adding purple accents such as shoelaces, cuff links and a signet ring. Walker echos Harris’ advice and recommends that women adhere the purple dress code by wearing a festive purple party dress for either a formal or cocktail event. Walker recommends shades of purple to complement a women’s skin tone. “For light skin tones, avoid dark shades of purple. Look for colors that are lavender or with a pink undertone. For olive to dark skin tones, deep, plumy purples as well as shimmery lilacs will look fabulous,” she said.

purple 200x300 Purple Tie Attire

The Key Is To Be Minimalistic With a Few Accents

Two or three accent pieces in purple will help a guest to honor the dress code. For a woman to stand out, Walker recommends adding hints of purple with accessories. Walker suggests women “try an opaque pantyhose in purple, a colorful bouquet of purple bangles around the wrist or a purple necklace.” According to Harris, there are two areas most men miss the opportunity to dress up: socks and lapels. These are two areas men can take advantage of to add a hint of color and abide by the dress code. Wearing socks in a shade of purple or with purple accents will set a man apart from the pack. Likewise, dressing up the lapel is a statement many men neglect to make. Lapel flowers are very masculine and rooted in military history. If a man is not comfortable with a real flower, handmade flowers made from ceramic or felt is an option. Different flowers have different meanings, so the guest can coordinate a flower’s meaning with the theme of the event.

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Get The Look! “Great Gatsby”

Save Get The Look! Great Gatsby

Save Big Bucks

Who says you need to empty out your wallet just to look as decadent as Daisy?  Stylist Angela Walker of says there are some simple tips to keep in mind  for those on a budget. “If your dress has a belt, take it off,” she says. “If  you have a straight line dress, particularly one that is above the knee, that  would be an ideal start to achieve the flapper look. Building on that  foundation, add a pair of glittery knee high hosiery or even fishnet stockings.  Then pile on as many long strands of pearls or beaded necklaces that hang down  below the bust. Then you’re there!”

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Socks and nightwear for a hot mamma on Mother’s Day

April 22, 2013  By

521PK017 5 s1 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

The Swirly Sock set is only $6.95 for three pair in different colors.

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor

Is your mother constantly talking about it getting hot in here and she ain’t singing Nelly’s rap song? Or maybe your mom loves to look fashionable while she is running errands and working out? If so, than today’s Mother’s Day gift ideas from Cool-jams Sleep Products and

I am not even a mother, but I would love, to get a subscription to The Savvy Sock’s Sock of the Month program, or at the very least, a package of the three ankle socks that only costs $6.95. The 80 percent cotton, 20 percent nylon blend are available in colorful, quirky designs and even better news is the fact customers can enjoy free shipping and handling. One other great gift idea is  Days of The Week Socks gift set which features six pairs for $16.95 (each pair have their own day and Saturday and Sunday are on the same sock.) Visit for a peek at other designs and gift sets.

Click to read the rest of this article NorthDallasGazette



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Oxford Shoes with Anklet Socks

dolce gabbana rtw fw2011 runway 35 134912346586 199x300 Oxford Shoes with Anklet Socks

Anklet Socks with Oxford Shoes.

If you are looking for a fun spring twist for Oxford Shoes, an anklet sock with or without ruffles adds a stylish flare that’s flirty and fun. This is a great transition from Winter to Fall with the same style shoe.

 offers many styles of anklet socks starting at $4.95. Also, check out our sister website for a variety sock that suits your lifestyle needs.

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New Catalog 2013

2013legsavvycover 194x300 New Catalog 2013

Request our New Catalog Here

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Holiday Gifts and Fashion Ideas

Ori Scented Hosiery 152x300 Holiday Gifts and Fashion Ideas





Floral Scented Tights by Ori $22.95

Silky and Soft in Black.

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Fashion Pantyhose. 

Sheer Polka Dot Pantyhose 12.95

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3030 lg 236x300 Holiday Gifts and Fashion Ideas

Lace Anklet $3.95

Black, Pink, White.

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leggings and tights Holiday Gifts and Fashion Ideas

Leg Warmers $9.95

Multiple Colors.

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Fishnets $9.95

Multiple Colors.

Available in One Size and Plus Size.

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Sexy Thigh Highs and Garters.

Available in One Size and Plus Size.

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 Betsey Johnson Three Sock Triangle 300x209 Holiday Gifts and Fashion Ideas

 Socks, Socks, Socks!!

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Betsey Johnson Tights Holiday Gifts and Fashion Ideas
Betsey Johnson Tights Pink


Betsey Johnson Tights $19.95

Black Or Pink.

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Socks That Rock has opened their sister website called This site offers a great selection of ankle, knee, mid-calf, specialty socks for the sock enthusiast. If you love the designer Betsey Johnson like we do, check out her gift box collection.  A special treat for shoppers is this website offers Free Shipping everyday of the year.

If you are looking for a pair of socks that perfects your personality, check out

thesavvysock logo 300x150 Socks That Rock
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Scented Hosiery Now at

Introducing Scented Hoseiry by Ori.

Ori Scented Hosiery 152x300 Scented Hosiery Now at
Made in Italy, this hosiery offers extreme comfort.

These super soft tights are made of 100% cotton with flat seams for sleekness. Look and feel sensual in these 50 Denier opaque tights.

Get a pair today at for $22.95.

Available in black.

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Tights That Hypnotize

Under the Water

by  Haru in Wonderland

I went to a birthday party on Monday and this is what I wore… Frankly, I don’t even know what to write about this outfit because it’s just something I threw on and it ended up looking better than I’d expected. icon biggrin Tights That Hypnotize It’s a little bit 60s, a little bit Pete Doherty… I like the androgyny of mixing menswear into my outfits, especially with my short hair. And of course the main character are these beautiful tights from LegSavvy, I was even accused of hypnotising people to stare at my legs. Okay, you got me! ;D

DSC06269+copy2 Tights That Hypnotize
Tights – LegSavvy, black wedges – Primark, lilac shirt – Lindex, black&white blazer – H&M, cameo necklace – H&M, hat – Bodyline

DSC06277+copy Tights That Hypnotize
DSC06279+copy Tights That Hypnotize
These tights are not something I usually wear but I’ve come to love them, I get a mermaid-like feeling from them, the pattern reminds me of waves in the sea.
DSC06281+copy Tights That Hypnotize
DSC06283+copy Tights That Hypnotize
‘Don’t let the water drag you down.
Don’t let me drown
Don’t let me drown in the waves.’
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